We are passionate about engines and understand the importance of the trucks, boats and equipment they power.

Below are some of the high profile projects we’re proud to have been an integral part of.

Prawn boat repower

The original owner recently sold the boat to a friend in the fleet. The new owner wanted to repower her and so our team removed the twin D6-330 engine packages with DPH drives. These engines, with twin stations and over 7,000 hours of use, were so well maintained by the original owner that other customers eagerly lined up to buy the used packages.

Our team were very pleased to collaborate with the new owner and spec'd new power for the boat. The chosen power setup was twin D6-440 engines on DPH drives. Successful sea trials demonstrated impressive performance: at 2800 rpm, the boat achieved a speed of 29 knots with a fuel burn rate of 75-80 liters per hour and a load factor of 75%.

When laden with 4500 lbs on deck, the boat's performance at 2900 rpm was a speed of 28 knots, a fuel burn rate of 90-100 liters per hour, and a load factor of 85%. The boat's weight with no deck load is 21,000 lbs.

truck rebuild


Progressive Diesel completed the rebuilding of this off road logging truck.

Alpine Trucking brought this truck to us in 2014 and trusted Progressive Diesel with the repair and rebuilding.

sea roamer overhaul

Sea Roamer

In 2007 Progressive Diesel was proud to repower the self propelled barge.

The SEA ROAMER services communities along the northern coast bringing necessities to remote areas.

sea roamer overhaul